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Still not at a point to post more about how the session went (long story, short: very good), but I had a funny moment just a second ago. I was looking at the internal website that has speaker evaluation information to see how people liked the session. Pulled up the data and sorted it in Excel. Then I was thinking, “You know, I really want to filter out sessions that didn't get a lot of feedback reports because they might skew the data.” Since I'm not an Excel expert, the thought occ ... [ read more ]
I've played around with coding against the Messenger APIs before, but it seems that MSN has really gone all out now and released a bunch of information for coding against their search, messenger, mapping services, and more... check it out on MSDN as of today! http://msdn.microsoft.com/msn/
The Office 12 ribbon groups common tasks into "tabs". Tabs consist of "chunks", which consist of controls. The new model for programmatically customizing the Ribbon is currently called RibbonX and it is a declarative XML format that lives inside a COM AddIn. Unlike the 2003 CommandBar object model, the Ribbon model works exactly the same across each of the Office 12 apps. The way you customize the Ribbon is by building a Shared AddIn. You then add a Connect class which implements IMsoRibb ... [ read more ]
We've gotten asked a few times what the VB 9.0 preview bits available here  work on. It works on the RC candidate that's available on the PDC CD & for download on MSDN. Enjoy! - Amanda    
These past couple of months have been extremely busy for me.  With work and extra-workular (yeah, I just made that up) activities, my postings here has taken a bit of a hit.  [Insert obligatory sentense here about how I'm going to get back to blogging on a regular basis.] So we have Visual Studio 2005 being released in a little over a month and the news of what is coming after the next release (language enhancements, LINQ, etc) already spreading like wildfire, so much to do and so l ... [ read more ]
The MSDN folks keep giving this morning… They just posted a highres version of the namespace poster we gave out here at the PDC.   Enjoy!   I’d still love to hear you feedback …  
This is an interesting idea ... http://www.exceptioncollection.com/ , something that I've pondered before. .. I'd have to know more about it, in terms of the privacy and security of their data collection... before I could recommend it without any pause, but I would certainly take a look if you are building a widely distributed application (outside of a single company/enterprise), and I would probably try to integrate with the Exception handling/logging block from PAG.
As promised ,   the good folks at MSDN have posted our precon slides.    Please take a look.   Remember that plagiarism is the highest form of flattery [:D]   I’d be honored if you used these slides to push good design practices at your company… I’d love to hear your success stories (or otherwise [:)]).     Oh, and if you didn’t fill out an eval for the precon, there is still time, love to have your feedback there as well. ... [ read more ]
Waiting for my ridiculously priced latte this morning (I am a Seattleite , after all) made me miss the intro to Eric’s keynote session. As I was walking toward exhibit Hall A, I noticed people conspicuously looking at me. I thought it was because I had a big LINQ button around my neck-- with everyone so excited about the technology they all wanted to stop me in the hall and ask me some hard questions. But no, apparently I made several cameos in a Channel9 video montage that prefaced the ... [ read more ]

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