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Here's another way to use the generic parameter trick to get an anonymous type as a field. The other day, I was trying to store the result of a lambda expression in a field, but the lambda was typed as Func(Of <anonymoustype>) and since there is no type inference for fields, and I didn't want to use object (which would be perfectly fine normally, but in this case I wanted a typed anonymous type), I used a similar trick to a post I did a while ago on creating collections of anonymous types ... [ read more ]
In playing with Windows.Forms in VS 2008, I got the same old error I use to get in VS 2005 sometimes: Type must be a type provided by the runtime. Parameter name: type     The good news is it looks so much prettier in VS 2008.  It's not fixed, but look, isn't it pretty ?     So why is it that the phrase " lipstick on a pig " come flooding into my mind ???   BTW: The fix is to show the DataSources window before trying to op ... [ read more ]

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