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The Learn tab of the Visual Basic Developer Center  is being updated with a bunch of new content and VS 2008 topics. If you look at the center of the page you'll see the list of topics and when you click one, you should now see some fresh stuff. Currently there's over 200 items presented on the topic pages and we're adding more every week. Right now each of the topics are displayed in a fixed order by content type (i.e. Webcast, Video, Article, Blog, etc.) but we plan on ... [ read more ]
Prior to SQL Server 2008, SQLXML 4.0 was released with SQL Server and was installed by all SQL Server editions, except in SQL Server Express. Beginning with SQL Server 2008, the latest version of SQLXML is no longer included in SQL Server.   When SQL Server 2008 is generally available, the latest version of SQLXML will be SQLXML 4.0 SP1.   The URL for the site where you can install SQLXML 4.0 SP1 will be added to this blog entry, and to the SQL Server 2008 Books O ... [ read more ]
On page 216 of LINQ in Action , I made a comment that unmapped properties in a mapped class cannot be used in a LINQ to SQL projection. This was true with the beta bits, but only partially true with the release bits. To begin, let's consider the Author table we have in the book samples. The Author class has separate fields for the first and last name. Each of these is mapped to the corresponding fields in the Author table. In the book, we show how you can create a read only property in a ... [ read more ]
In the last two XML cookbook entries, we talked about the technique of using the ReplaceWith method to perform an identity transform. While this technique may meet your needs, it can introduce a problem in your code commonly referred to as the “Halloween” problem. Let’s take a look at what the problem is, and how to solve it. (For details on the “Halloween” problem and recommended solutions, see this topic in the documentation .) The “Halloween” problem describes a scenario wh ... [ read more ]
It's bad enough when the Windows Live team continually releases their SDKs omitting VB, but when XNA 3.0 CTP is released and STILL NO VB support, it's getting beyond a joke.  XNA 3 is for Visual Studio 2008 and lets you do cool things like create games for Zunes, unless of course you want to do that in VB.
Random musing for the day: I was thinking about reserved words in programming languages and whether they're really necessary at a lexical level. As you know, most programming languages define in their lexical grammar a set of words that cannot be used anywhere in the language except when explicitly specified in the grammar. For example, VB reserves the word "Object". So you can't just say: ' Error: Keyword is not valid as an identifier. Sub Object () End Sub Many langua ... [ read more ]

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