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While I was invited to VSLive Orlando and DevTeach Montreal this year, I was forced to turn down these kind invitations. I am taking time off to speak at SQL/Visual Studio Connections in Orlando the week of April 4th. I'll also be passing through the Kansas City .NET user group on the way to give a talk on ADO.NET “Connecting“.  I'm also giving a talk at TechEd in Boston and I hope to visit user groups out there if invited.

 I'm focusing very heavily on my new book “Hitchhiker's Guide to Visual Studio and SQL Server (7th Edition)”. For the last month or so I've been focusing on the SQL Server CLR Executables chapter that has grown to over 90 pages so far. I've discovered a wealth of un and under documented features and issues that once discovered will make developing CLR stored procedures, functions, user-defined types, aggregates and triggers a lot easier. I also include a section on leveraging these executables from other applications--where it's possible.

Next on the agenda is the Visual Studio ReportViewer control and the reporting features of Visual Studio 2005.

Peter Blackburn and I hope to have the first draft done in the next couple of months and published by this summer. So far we have over 600 pages and we're still going strong.

Thanks for waiting.

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