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The Diary of a Long Voyage - learning VS 2005 and SQL Server 2005 from scratch

By Phoenix www.phoenix-vb.net

18th April - 24th April

This week has been a week where I have been working hard but getting little done. I bought a webcam to create an optical centre finder for my workshop. I have read an article in 'Model Engineering Workshop' which described how to make it. The engineering side was good - however the webcam software was a lash up of freeware and jpegs etc etc. So I bought a webcam to see if I could program something better using VB2005.

The specification required constant updating picture and reasonable quality.

So armed with a standard Logitech webcam that can deliver 640x480 pixels I started about doing the programming.

Firstly there is no .NET class that supports the Webcam

Secondly there is no COM object that supports it either

However in the SDK there is a whole bunch of stuff that controls a webcam through the avicap32.dll. This dll gives full control of the webcam once the drivers have been installed. I have found that programming API calls to dll's is not an issue. Needless to say the technique for this is not in the book I was reading 'Beginning Visual Basic 2005' - and neither would I expect it to be. However on that topic, I was surprised to find that the book did not cover how to handle normal files and folders - quite a surprising omission when it goes into depth on the basics and then onto the more 'fun' things.

Once I found the SDK it was straightforward to program it. I have nearly finished it - the source will be up on my website

Then it is back to the Bookmarks program

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