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Get new drop: current VB9 Customer Technology Preview (CTP). Copy the database Saturn5_002.mdf and Saturn5_002_log.LDF to c:\. Zipped VB9 project directory tree.

Apologies ... the previously posted versions of IQ97 were missing a source file, specifically, {lambda}Exec, where {lambda} is the UNICODE greek character. Turns out that Winzip silently refused to copy the file, so it was just absent from the source project. The workaround was simply to comment out the three references to it that appeared in Module1.vb and delete the file from the Visual Studio project, as, no doubt, some readers discovered. The lambda execution mode is work-in-progress at this time, anyway, so there is no real harm in deleting the file. However, to prevent this kind of thing in the future, I've learned my lesson: Don't Try to be Cute When Naming Files. The drop above fixes the problem.


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